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Contactless Sanitizer

Contactless Sanitizers

Automatic Handfree model with 1 to 10 liter capacity useful for office,shope, organization.

Stainless steal model.

MS powdered coated model.

Handfree foot operated sanitizer dispenser.

Automatic Handfree model with 500ml liter capacity useful for office,shope, organization.


Fully Automated

Alcohol-Base Sanitizer
Mistbase sanitizer dispensing unit
Kills all the bacteria and germs
Improved hygiene
Encourages usability

Key feature

Cinque Terre

Easy to operate.

Require less time than handwash.

Are more Accessible than sinks.

Act Quikly to kill microorganisms on hands.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

Reduce bactrerial counts on hands.

Do not promot antimicrobial resistance.

Contactless action of hand sanitizers.

No maintenance for foot operated sanitizer.

Cinque Terre